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Molly Farai Harris

I’m Molly Farai Harris

Based in Perth, Western Australia


I’m a sustainable clothing advocate, eco traveller, environmentalist, ethical writer, and the conscious creative at Selkie Social. I believe that what we choose to support makes a difference and that, through our everyday actions, we can create a healthier, greener world. Here on my blog and on my social media, I share my tales of ethical + eco living to help inspire more environmentally and socially responsible actions.

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I’ve worked with organisations such as Boody, Nude by Nature, Net Zero Co., and Organic Basics to make a greater difference, together. These generally look like sponsored blog or social media posts, or longer-term partnerships.

If you’re curious about partnering with me, and make products ethically, sustainably and to last, get in touch.


It takes a lot of time and energy to educate about ethical + eco living.

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