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Hi there, I’m Molly, founder and writer of MFARAI.

To put it simply, MFARAI (pronounced “em-far-eye”) is me. ‘M’ is for Molly and Farai is one of my middle names, meaning ‘rejoice‘ in Shona.

Sometimes based in Perth, Western Australia, and sometimes based in an eco-location somewhere in our world, MFARAI is an environmentally + socially conscious blog where I share my adventures in ethical + eco living.

MFARAI was born out of my commitment to making a positive impact. When I’m not spending my free time exploring the world of conscious living, or on sustainable and ecotourism adventures, I’m running Farai Creative.

Farai Creative is a digital media consultancy for ethical businesses that grew organically out of MFARAI.

My mission, in all the work that I do, is to help create a more environmentally and socially conscious (and therefore joyous!) digital world. Here, I explore life slowly and ethically, creating content all the way from conscious clothing and organic self-care + wellness through to eco homewares, regenerative living, and sustainable tourism adventures, with a dash of collaboration and a whole lot of advocacy along the way.

It would give me no greater joy than to have you along for the journey. Welcome.

I hope you enjoy everything that I share and please get in touch if you have any questions!

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On Ethical + Sustainable Living

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MFARAI was conceived in October 2016 and really came to life about October 2017. In this time, MFARAI grew from a travel blog and a place for me to express my creative work into a place for me to provide natural advice about living more ethically and sustainably.

From a child, I have always been curious about and connected with our natural world and the stories of other people. This really manifested in my late teens and early twenties as I learnt more about the crises our world is facing and the necessity for each and every one of us to help make a difference in the lives of people and our planet. At uni, I wrote articles about Fashion Revolution and essays about “Gendered Tensions: A Critical Assessment of Feminism as the Discourse of Modernity” whilst proofreading my partner’s environmental science reports. In retrospect, all of it seems to have happened for a reason.

For me, ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ living overlap significantly. When I talk about ethics, I’m usually referring to morals and whether or not peoples’ actions align with the collective norm to treat other people, cultures, animals, the environment, and themselves well. When I talk about sustainability, I’m usually referring to whether peoples’ actions can be maintained while also ensuring current and future balance and joy for people, cultures, animals, and the environment, and themselves.

MFARAI is a hub for ethical + eco living, meaning that I cover our global morals and actions holistically. Recently, I’ve found myself moving beyond sustainable living towards regenerative living as I truly believe rebuilding and regenerating nature and culture is the right action to take, right now.

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