Ethical Edit: Boody Eco Wear

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the miracle that is Boody Eco Wear!

Sydney based ethical clothing brand Boody has been around since 2011. While I have been wearing their underwear since before I started blogging almost a year ago, I’m definitely still in love with their cause and amazing transparency!

I love that all their basics are super breathable, comfy (no digging in, people!), and have a great size range. The brand is also entirely transparent throughout their supply chain and truly value the importance of ethics and sustainability in fashion.

What they offer is affordable, no fuss, everyday essentials, thoughtfully made to maximise positive impact on the environment and the fashion industry, packaged with a zero-waste lifestyle in mind!

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Boody Eco Wear Bra

Boody Eco Wear Zero Waste Packaging

Boody Eco Wear 1% Planet


Boody makes their entire range out of one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world: organic bamboo! Bamboo grows extraordinarily fast and is highly regenerative. It can even grow up to 90cm in a day!

However, there is a lot of debate out there questioning how sustainable using bamboo really is. The truth is, a lot of fabrics made from bamboo aren’t at all sustainable because, as Good On You have said in the past, “most bamboo fabrics on the market are a form of rayon where the manufacturing process is highly intensive and involves many harmful chemicals“.

However, bamboo pieces such as those by Boody are an exception to this concern! Boody organically grows their bamboo, without fertilisers and pesticides, and without irrigation. Compared to most bamboo rayon, Boody’s choice of fabric is exceptional in that they make their clothes with a vastly reduced negative impact on the environment.

What’s more, Boody’s organic fabrics mean less harm to your skin, too. This is perfect if you have extra sensitive skin or if you don’t like the feeling of itchy or static materials (like me!).

Boody Sports Wear

Boody Racer Top

Boody Active Tights
Racerback Sports Bra | Full Length Active Tights


Just like all my favourite brands, Boody is committed to ethical manufacturing and transparency!

Boody is certified with ECOCERT, OEKO-TEX, the FSC, SGS, WRAP, and many other fantastic certification organisations. Together, these certifications ensure that Boody’s supply chain is transparent, traceable, free of harmful substances and ingredients, does not contribute to the destruction of ecosystems, and that all of their pieces are produced in fair and humane conditions.

There really is nothing like knowing who made your clothes and the confidence that comes with guilt-free purchases.

Boody White Underwear Set

Boody White Bikini Underwear

Boody White Crop Bra Underwear
Shaper Crop Bra | Classic Bikini White

+ More!

But wait! These cosy and luxurious pieces also help Boody to give back!

Boody is a member of 1% for the Planet, an initiative started by the founder of a fellow ethical clothing manufacturer, Patagonia. This means that Boody gives back 1% of their annual profits to grassroots projects to help protect the environment.

Boody also supports fantastic organisations across Australia such as Greening AustraliaThread Together, and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. By purchasing Boody basics, I am helping them to support a diverse range of organisations and social and environmental causes that they have proven to really care about. This is a little bonus to my purchase that definitely makes a big difference!

Boody Black Bikini Underwear Padded Crop Bra

Boody Black Underwear

Ethical Sustainable Boody Underwear
Padded Shaper Crop Bra | Classic Bikini Black

Even better? Boody also has a great range of menswear and baby clothes! Spend $60 and you will get free standard shipping, or if you spend $100 you will get free express shipping Australia wide!

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I really care about this brand and believe that they are doing wonderful things. However, full disclaimer, I am an affiliate with Boody so I may get a commission if you make a purchase. This has in no way influenced my opinion of the brand and I have not been paid to write this blog post or to take the above photos. I genuinely am a big Boody believer and I hope that you’ll love them too!

♡ Molly from MFARAI

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