Social + environmental change is a team effort

If you produce ethically, sustainably, and/or regeneratively, I would love to have a conversation with you! At the minute, I’m available for promotional partnerships, guest writing, giveaways, and podcasts. I’ll also happily receive gifted items if your marketing budget doesn’t cater for paid collaborations. Please see my collaboration terms below. Alternatively, if you’re looking for someone to handle your social media or website content marketing, pop over to my digital studio at Farai Creative.


Ethical Influencers Member

Collaboration Terms

1. Yes, I do accept PR samples/gifted products! My rules with PR samples are:
a) I accept only products that I really would love/need
b) I share PR samples on my Instagram/Facebook Story (within 1 month of receiving them) but I have no obligation to post about them on my social media feeds or on my blog
c) I have full creative control
d) The brand does not have permission to use the content I produce

2. If you’d like me to post about something on a particular platform, within a specific time frame, and/or would like to use the content I produce, I do promotional + paid posts in the form of promotional partnerships.

3. I’m a big fan of mindful ambassadorship and longer-term partnerships. This is the most authentic way for me to work – in a way that really honours the brands I work with and makes room for creativity. If you’re looking for a longer-term brand ambassador or partner, I’d happily discuss this with you.

4. On social media, my posts focusing on PR samples/’gifted’ products have a caption ending with: PR sample – @(the brand) and my promotional/paid/branded posts have a caption ending with: paid ad – @(the brand).

5. My blog posts focusing on gifted or promotional products have a disclaimer at the beginning of the post outlining my relationship with the brand.

6. As of August 2020, to use my photos anywhere, you must have my written permission and a license.

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