What I Wore to Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018

Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018 was a great success full of beautiful clothes, even more spectacular designers, plenty of learning, and a wonderful feeling of community.

I attended the 5 main nights of the event in Fremantle; from the opening gala all the way through to the fourth and final runway show. While I learnt a lot of lessons during those 5 nights, what I enjoyed the most was that Eco Fashion Week was not only an opportunity for sustainable designers to showcase their work on the runway but for the entire audience to show what they’re made of, too.

I (along with many other media partners) loved planning and shooting my clothes. While a couple of the items I wore were newer than others, I’m proud to say that I didn’t but one new item just for the event.

At its core, this is a key factor of sustainable fashion: re-wearing and repurposing garments over and over and over so that nothing goes to waste. I’m in love with every single piece of fabric I wore throughout the events and I can’t wait to continue making the most out of every garment.

Opening Gala

The first night of Eco Fashion Week Australia in Fremantle was a Thursday. I wore my forest green Baltic linen dress from Seaside Tones, ethically made in Poland and coloured using natural dyes.

Throughout all the nights, I wore my Jean Riley necklace, ethically handcrafted in Australia, and my Maravillas Bags piñatex clutch, ethically handcrafted in Spain. As a brand, Jean Riley is focused on sustainable manufacturing and design while my piñatex pineapple leather bag is a true eco-friendly alternative to vegan leather.

With this outfit, I wore my ST. AGNI flats. Unfortunately, these shoes are made from leather. However, I have had them since before I started eating solely vegan food and felt it would be counterproductive to donate or throw them away purely because they don’t align with vegan values. Besides, ST. AGNI’s ‘less is more’ philosophy is still one that deeply resonates with me.

Seaside Tones Green Dress

Piñatex Pineapple Leather Clutch

Seaside Tones Linen Dress

Dress: Seaside Tones Linen Dress in Green (affiliate link)

Necklace: Jean Riley Gold Rush Pendant Chain

Bag: Maravillas Bags Piñatex Pouch in Natural (affiliate link)

Shoes: ST. AGNI Aleta Sling Back in Black

Runway Night 1

To the first runway show, I wore the same accessories as the night before (blasphemous!) alongside my faaaavourite pants from GOOD STUDIOS, made ethically from hemp and organic cotton in Adelaide. I then wrapped myself up in my reversible organic hemp top from The Hemp Temple, ethically made in India.

Hemp Outfit Ethically Made

The Hemp Temple Reversible Maya Top and Good Studios Hemp Linen Pants

Ethical Piñatex Clutch

The Hemp Temple Reversible Maya Top

Top: The Hemp Temple Maya Top in White

Bottoms: Good Studios Speck High Waisted Pleat Pant in Charcoal Speck

Necklace: Jean Riley Gold Rush Pendant Chain

Bag: Maravillas Bags Piñatex Pouch in Natural (affiliate link)

Runway Night 2

 On Saturday night, I was so excited to chuck on my trusty Theo the Label pants and top! I’ve had these pieces for a while and have found that they are so versatile. I wear my deadstock linen culottes lounging around at home, to the supermarket and weekend brunches, and even to client meetings.

My VEJA ESPLAR trainers were a perfect match; ethically made in Brazil and lined with organic cotton with the soles made of out of natural rubber from the Amazon forest. You can read more about VEJA’s projects and ethics here.

Theo the Label Deadstock Linen Culottes and Ethical Top

Theo the Label Deadstock Linen Culottes and Ethical Top

Theo the Label Deadstock Linen Culottes and Ethical Top

VEJA ESPLAR Sustainable Trainers

Top: Theo the Label Crop Top Flare Sleeves in Navy

Bottoms: Theo the Label Deadstock Linen Culotte in Misty

Necklace: Jean Riley Gold Rush Pendant Chain

Bag: Maravillas Bags Piñatex Pouch in Natural (affiliate link)


Runway Night 3

By the second-last night of Eco Fashion Week Australia, I was exhausted. I needed something cosy that made me feel relaxed. My Tasi Travels jumpsuit that I wore over on the Tasi Travels Travel With Purpose trip to Timor-Leste sure did the trick!

All Tasi Travels clothes are ethically made to order on the Sunshine Coast or Melbourne from eco-friendly materials. This jumpsuit is made from Tencel; sustainably grown wood cellulose from the eucalyptus tree.

I wore my jumpsuit with my INNÈ Studios slides, ethically handcrafted using age-old traditions in the Philippines.

Tasi Travels Tencel Jumpsuit and INNÈ Studios Slides

Tasi Travels Ethical Jumpsuit

Tasi Travels Ethical Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Tasi Travels Vagabond Jumpsuit in Charcoal

Bag: Maravillas Bags Piñatex Pouch in Natural (affiliate link)

Shoes: INNÈ Studios Ava Sandal in Natural

Runway Night 4

There was a happy buzz in the air on the last night of Eco Fashion Week. I really wanted to harness this joy and express it through my clothes, and what better way to do so than through designs that bring nothing less than happiness into the world.

As soon as I saw Carlie Ballard’s SS18/19 collection, I squealed a bit. Her yellow jumpsuit was exactly what I had been waiting for and dreaming of this year. You see, my middle name Farai means rejoice, and yellow is the most joyous colour in the world! With my new consultancy just launched (Farai Creative), it was a match made in sunshine.

My Carlie Ballard jumpsuit was made in Southern India using handwoven fabric made out of individually dyed yarn. The artisan who made my jumpsuit practices their craft in excellent working conditions and is paid fairly. Supporting this traditional method of creating fabric ensures this age-old craft has a place in the future of fashion.

On this final night, I thought it was more than fitting to also wear my INNÈ Studio slides again to help send the message of the importance of supporting traditional craft.

After meeting the beautiful and talented founders of Haida Co. during the events, I was also lucky enough to steal one of their handcrafted bomber jackets for the night. I felt like a king.

All Haida designs are also made using traditional practices. Haida’s weavings are handmade and naturally dyed in Indonesia. Their stories and passion for their art is truly inspirational.

Ethical and Eco Friendly Outfit
Carlie Ballard Jumpsuit and Haida Co Jacket

Carlie Ballard Jumpsuit and Haida Co Jacket

Carlie Ballard Jumpsuit and Haida Co Jacket

Jacket: Haida Co. Stefano King Bomber

Jumpsuit: Carlie Ballard Kick Jump Twist Jumpsuit in Turmeric

Necklace: Jean Riley Gold Rush Pendant Chain

Shoes: INNÈ Studios Ava Sandal in Natural

As an ethical living blogger, I believe it’s so important to be transparent about the clothes I am wearing – but we also need more brands and designers to share this information in the first place.

I am overjoyed to have worn such wonderfully transparent, ethical, and environmentally conscious brands to the biggest eco fashion event of its kind. I highly recommend you check out all of these designers if you’re looking at improving your wardrobe and making a change for the better.

After all, the fashion industry is still one of the most environmentally, socially, and culturally destructive industries in the world. So let’s be the change.

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