EcoSouLife: Plastic-free Alternatives for Earth Day + Every Day

About 6 months ago, I picked up a couple of reusable bamboo mugs by EcoSouLife for a camping trip. Honestly, I didn’t know much about EcoSouLife then. However, after reading their awesome recyclable stickers on their products and doing my research, I’m now a huge fan!

EcoSouLife EcoDine Set

EcoSouLife Biodegradable Cup

About EcoSouLife

To put it very simply, EcoSouLife make both reusable and disposable home and dinnerwares that serve as alternatives to plastic. While EcoSouLife encourage’s the use of reusable products, they understand that this isn’t always feasible. So, EcoSouLife have created some incredible environmentally-friendly disposable solutions as well that are all plastic-free, BPA-free, plant based, and biodegradable.

EcoSouLife make their disposable ranges from either cornstarch (biodegrades in 180-360 days), palm leaf (biodegrades in 90-180 days), or wheat straw (biodegrades in just 30-90 days).

While I love the idea of environmentally-friendly disposables, I’m a reusable kind of gal!

For their reusable dinnerwares, EcoSouLife sometimes uses rice husk or a blend of cassava, starch, sugarcane, and tapioca. However, I love EcoSouLife’s reusable bamboo dinnerwares! Once you’ve used your bamboo dishes to the absolute maximum, you can bury them! This allows your dishes to biodegrade within 2-3 years.

One thing I’ve noticed is that EcoSouLife makes all their products with a quality finish and feel. While they are peak environmentally-friendly, their products are also super affordable!

EcoSouLife Bamboo Cup

The Problem with Plastic

EcoSouLife was born to combat the damaging effects that plastics have on the environment. Plastics, and other materials such as foam and glass, take forever to break down (well, in foam’s case, it does take a literal eternity). These materials are clogging up our oceans and waterways. They are not only damaging our drinking water but are poisoning precious ecosystems and marine life.

The truth of the matter is, we have to change the way we consume. While it’s going to take a while to clean up the mess we’ve already created, we need to switch up our habits now so we have less problems to attempt to reverse in the future.

EcoSouLife Vegan Dinner

The Eco Dine Set

Living in a compact home is certainly sometimes like camping!

I’ve lived in this cosy space for almost a year. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in this time, it’s that living with fewer amenities makes you very conscious about what – and how much – you consume. It would be so easy to use disposable plastics just to avoid lugging a crate of dishes next door every time we need to wash up. But, that idea just doesn’t sit right with me.

Our EcoSouLife Eco Dine set has come in so handy, not just for camping but our compact home as well. The set is light, easy to store, and completely guilt-free.

In fact, we made a cute dinner last night (with this vegan recipe, in case you’re wondering) using our Eco Dine Set just to show how fun bamboo dinnerware is.

EcoSouLife Bamboo Bowl

EcoSouLife Vegan Salad

I think EcoSouLife have a fantastic mission and vision for their brand, and I can’t wait to pick up some more of their homewares.

EcoSouLife products can be found on their website, at Flora & Fauna, and more than likely at your local health food store as well!

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