How Ethical is Réalisation Par? The Réalisation Par Bianca Top

Réalisation Par is taking the Instagram world by storm. I mean, you’ll see their Ozzie dress in practically every fashion blog there is out there, but is the brand worth the hype?Even I have even been obsessing over their online store for months, trying to decide on the perfect piece to fill that French-feminine sized gap in my closet.

Realisation Par Bianca Top

Realisation Par Bianca TopRealisation Par Bianca Top

While the brand is nowhere near transparent about their manufacturing process (C’mon guys, who made my clothes?!), they do get a few things right:


Made from 100% Silk Crepe, Réalisation Par pieces have time and effort put into them. Although silk is obviously not a vegan-friendly fabric, it is generally considered sustainable as it is natural and completely biodegradable. Silk is expensive because you’re paying for quality, so you know you’re going to value every Réalisation Par piece that you get.

Cost per wear

Réalisation Par designs timeless, versatile styles. They use bold enough fabrics to reflect individuality but incorporate simple cuts that never go out of style. These are pieces that have true longevity – that you will wear day in and day out and cherish life.

Company Ethos

The brand describes themselves as “a concept that arose from the collective mindset of the inspiring women around us… and it is our desire, ultimately, to give you the confidence to wear it.”

They acknowledge personal style and consider their pieces as the special items that were missing in their own wardrobes. ­

It is refreshing to find a label that recognises individuality, creates pieces rather than collections for all women, and aims to lift the confidence alongside this. Small steps in a good direction are still steps, nonetheless!


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