Finding My Downtime with Boody Lounge

Did you hear? Iconic Australian organic essentials brand Boody has launched a lounge and sleep range!

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Boody and it certainly won’t be the last (read my last blog post about their bamboo underwear here).

I’m an enormous fan of Boody’s sustainable practices and became even more enthralled with their business model after listening to Shaun Greenblo’s (CEO of Boody) interview on the Talking Clean with Irene podcast. If you want to know more about Boody, that podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Naturally, I was so excited to find out earlier this year that they were working on introducing a ‘downtime’ range and I jumped at the opportunity to share all about it.

Boody Lounge Sleep Shorts

Boody’s Practices

Like all of their other pieces, each item in this new range is made from organically grown bamboo (yes, sustainable bamboo!) and made sustainably and ethically (socially and environmentally).

What’s more – like all of their other pieces – this range is certified by FSC, Ecocert, and OEKO-TEX. It’s also PETA approved vegan (cruelty-free, yay!) and is a part of 1% for the Planet.

They don’t just say they’re sustainable and ethical – they have the certifications to prove it.

What’s So Great About Bamboo?

For me to feel comfortable in my clothing, it generally has to be made of natural fibres. Otherwise, I get all static and sweaty and want to tear my clothes off like Andy Dwyer in Parks & Rec. So, Boody always gets a big tick for me – and the Boody Lounge range, designed for comfort and relaxation, gets an extra big tick for encouraging extra peace of mind by not making me static or sweaty!

Bamboo is not only a silky dream to wear but it doesn’t cling (i.e. get static), it’s super breathable (but also cosy), it’s hypoallergenic (good for sensitive skin), and it’s antibacterial. Boody’s bamboo fabrics are also extra special because they are sustainably grown and organic – this is something that’s very rare, even in the eco-clothing space.

The only way I could describe the feel of Boody Lounge on my skin is that it’s like a soft hug mixed with a warm cup of tea on a wintery day. Purely divine.

Boody Lounge Nightdress

Finding My Downtime

Since Boody sent me a few pieces from this range, I’ve found it very hard to wear anything else (working from home makes it extra hard!). I’ve also found it hard to avoid screaming all about Boody Lounge from the rooftops.

I am infatuated with the attention to detail that has gone into this range and, as somebody who lives a very full life, this downtime range fills a big gap in my lifestyle.

The campaign for the Boody Lounge launch is all about #FindYourDowntime, so it’s very easy to get into a relaxed state of mind when I pop on these new pieces. Not to mention, I think Boody are tapping into a very important part of living more consciously – taking time to regenerate your soul and revitalise your energy.

Here’s what I do to find my downtime:

Cup of Tea

You all know I love my organic herbal tea. Drinking tea is something that’s not only cultural for me but also quite social and spiritual.

I generally enjoy a nice cuppa when visiting family, having family over, or catching up with friends and clients. For me, it’s a social enabler and a means to connect with others. There’s nothing quite like Sunday afternoons spent with family or friends, tea in hand, to clear the mind, relax, and prepare for the week ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tea a lot when alone as well. When I have a full cupboard, I’ll usually enjoy three or more cups a day. Herbal tea acts as a great boost to nourish my body, ease any physical problems I’m having, and get me nice and sleepy before bed.

Stay up to date with me on Instagram to learn more about my favourite blends.

Boody Lounge Cosy Knit Wrap

Organic Essential Oils

Thanks to my essential oil guru and friend Emma, oils have become a big part of my relaxation routine. It’s definitely something I’m still easing into and learning about but, these days, I rely on my oils a lot more than I think I do!


While I have a digitally creative job, playing and listening to music is a whole different type of creativity. For me, music is a way for me to switch off, put myself in a better mood, or work through whatever is going on in my head.

In our house, you’ll often find us chucking on a record on the weekends as a way to relax and fill ourselves with those happy hormones – Loyle Carner, Hozier, and old Hollywood soundtracks are ones I usually have on rotation.

Boody Lounge Sleep Cami


I think a lot. I have a very mentally demanding job and I’m also naturally a very deep thinker (always have been!). So, to make sure my brain doesn’t combust, meditation is vital for me. I’ve also found that it’s a way for me to help prevent disabling migraines (although, sadly meditation in itself isn’t a complete cure).

For me, meditation is a process of complete self-compassion and focus. I’ve tried many different styles of meditation over the past year and have found that I’ve really connected with Vipassana, Zen, and Chakra meditations the most. I’ve also had some beautiful experiences with heart-centred meditation at meditation workshops as well.


Before my passion for meditation grew, I’d often be practising something similar when I went for walks at my local regional park. For me, nothing beats being fully encompassed by greenery – not a slab of concrete in sight – to completely unwind. If I could, I’d spend all my time in the forest (in my Boody!).

This new range really is something special and if you’re needing new PJs or relaxed everyday wear, I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

My Favourites

It’s honestly hard to choose my favourites from the capsule Boody Lounge collection. I get super cold toes, so the Chunky Bed Socks [affiliate link] are definitely a winner. I’ve also fallen head over heels for the Cosy Knit Wrap [affiliate link] – it’s extraordinarily versatile and I imagine it’s going to be awesome for travel.

Boody Lounge Chunky Knit Socks

You can check out the entire collection here [affiliate link] (for being ethically and sustainably accredited, it’s very, very affordable!).

Use the code MFARAI for 15% off.

P.S. I really would love to know (to get some more ideas for myself, too), how do you find your downtime? What do you do to unwind? And what do you think of this new Boody collection?!

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