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IKEA’s 2017 Sustainability Report is pretty impressive and the KALLAX shelving system is super adaptable in terms of the infinite ways to use and style it – so I thought why not show you how we styled our IKEA shelves in our eco home!

We recently put castors on our KALLAX, giving us the freedom to move it around wherever and whenever we please. At the minute, these shelves are acting as a sort of bookcase and storage partition between our bed and living area, and as a means to showcase our personalities and taste in books.

Here’s my take on a bit of #shelfie inspo and a few tips to spice up your storage space!

Tip #1 Showcase only your favourites

Shelfie of classic booksKALLAX shelves in tiny house

I like to think that we have a good mix of the classics, as well as some more recent, trending books. Ten points if you can guess which books belong to me and which shelves books to my partner!

Tip #2 Layer it up with gold accents and raw elements

Book stylingStyling books with raw elements

I wanted to keep gold and brass tones as my accent metals here in our little eco home. Lucky for me, a central bookcase is the best place to do so! I took some frames, incense holders, and a gold lamp that I bought in Dubai to spice up our KALLAX.

Tip #3 Symmetry is key

IKEA KALLAX ShelvesRose Quartz Shelf

One thing I’ve learned from living in a small home is that you have to keep things minimal. A tidy looking bookcase makes more difference than most people would think!

Tip #4 Fill the gaps with geometric and quirky objects

KALLAX book shelfHow to style a shelfie

If you have gemstones or random artifacts that are yet to find a home, a KALLAX is a perfect space to display them! You’ll find everything including jewellery dishes, pyramid gemstones, perfume bottles, and candles on our shelves (neatly, of course!).

Tip #5 Above all, a little life is always a good idea

Cactus bookshelf styling

Bookshelf with natural elements

Shelfie with kitten

Greenery will bring your shelves quite literally to life! I’d love to get a climber and have my plants wrap their way around these shelves in the future – like the real ‘jungalow’ that I imagine our tiny home to be.

♡ Molly



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